Cool Green House Facade Architecture

Facade that seemed simple but still interesting eye to see longer. The apparition is simple but actually not quite simple in its work. It takes a careful planning in the design of this house. The design of a facade that combines lines and geometries in different materials requires an installation plan to produce a neat and tidy facade. Being in a natural environment adds to the perfection of the house to be a resting place after a full day outdoors activities. Elements such as screens and lattices in this house is a testament to the pleasant life that the owner wants.

Can we see together, building facade model house with a brick fence gives a natural feel without plaster walls. So it is left with a unfinished look as applied to an industrial-style house. We can also look at some of the following green house facade architecture images, which combine with the green impression derived from native plants. This can be obtained from the front area of the house is green grass, or if you can use the facade model as a media planting on the 2nd floor.

Beautify Cool Green House Facade Architecture

The idea of green house facade architecture is reminiscent of a rustic style house, which is planted around the house planted with a large tree as a conditioning and provide oxygen supply so that your home environment looks green. The façade of the facade on modern architecture should not only use regular wall walls, but use additional natural materials such as granite and marble on the facade of the house. The existence of this natural stone will strengthen the modern house architecture but still natural.

Concrete and glass wall applications make the facade look modern facade from the front. The glass effect shown makes the front of the house visible from the outside. The use of yellowish coloring system makes the following green house facade architecture can be a choice of home design that wants a modern dwelling and natural impression

Attractive Modern Stone And Wood Facade Design

Luxury house design combines wood with stone with modern architecture is probably a very appropriate choice for you who like and want a type and style of luxury homes are very classy but still carrying a theme of natural authenticity that so emanated from every side of this house. The facade of modern houses that apply natural and wooden stones is a very natural idea for those who want a home with modern contemporary concept. The look of wood and natural stone reinforce the natural home.

The interior walls that are designed for contemporary design style have an interesting characteristic. Wood and natural stone design style gives light and simple impression on the end view of the room. This can be obtained with the use of a smooth line until the use of white color to make the facade wall seem light and clean. Other materials used in the walls of the house that is a glass material that is transparent and reflective to give a more modern impression.

Décor Modern Stone And Wood Facade Design

Decoration parts that can be applied natural stone and wood that is on the fireplace. Most modern homes provide fireplaces indoors. This is always done to give a warm impression in the room with the fireplace. Natural stone can be placed on the underside or accents surrounding the fireplace. So that the inside of your home will look natural with a blend of two natural materials.

Furthermore, the modern application of stone and wood facade design on the exterior wall is also often shown in a modern-day shelter. Large window openings at the bottom of the natural stone will be increasingly beautify the charming exterior appearance. Wooden windows with natural colors reinforce the look of natural stone that is installed. Motif installation of natural stone can you customize to taste. You can see the following pictures for reference.