Impressive Forest Architecture House

The house is a dwelling that is the main priority of everyone. The various models and concepts of the house very much in accordance with the tastes and desires of the homeowner. Here we will provide an unusual home reference. Forest architecture which is now beginning to become a target. Many people who yearn for the natural nuance provide a natural flavor and blend with nature. This mountain home is perfect for those who want a comfortable and soothing situation. For more details let us review the architecture of the mountain home follows.

Tropical style tropical forest architecture design is suitable to be made on fairly open land. Large open fields can provide easy access to sunlight into this mountain home. The most prominent thing in this forest architecture is the presence of a lot of air vents and plenty of light. Air and light ventilation can be poured in large glass windows that exist throughout the house. Park as open green space in the middle of the structure upstairs. The garden next to the house will make the interior closer to nature.

Interior Impressive Forest Architecture House

With wooden ornaments provide a touch of comfort in the forest architecture. The architecture of the building is rich with natural materials maximize the stunning views of the house, providing an advantage with the existence of materials from nature that makes it look stunning. With this glass wall design makes the lighting from the outside very easy to get into the house. To give a minimalist impression on the forest architecture, you can also apply the concept without a partition in the room of the house.

On the roof of the forest architecture is mostly using concrete roof model. So that on the top area can be used as a balcony to enjoy the cool natural atmosphere on the roof of the house. To thicken the natural atmosphere, you can design a swimming pool or fish pond at the side or front of the house. This water concept will give the freshness of home look. In the area around the house let the green grass cover the entire surface of the ground.