Beautiful Exterior Wall Painting Colour Combinations

Bright colors are very interesting for a house. But if you enter a variety of bold colors can create chaos in your home design. However, monochromatic color schemes can overcome this problem. Monochromatic color schemes of color blends of shades, tones, and tints will produce a blend with a wide selection of minimalist home paint colors for every part of your home design. The house will look more elegant by using a monochromatic color scheme with a cream base color.

Besides, the suitability of exterior wall painting color combinations with building construction is also an important thing in the selection of paint colors for a minimalist home. For example for a minimalist house with a design made from the majority of wood, you can use a patterned paint natural or natural colors. So is the case with paint colors for a modern minimalist home. Usually most people follow the accent colors of the classy houses. Modern minimalist house also not infrequently combine the natural exterior color and light colors as an option.

Choose Best Wall Painting Colour Combinations

For those who do not want to take risks in choosing exterior wall painting color combinations, you can choose neutral colors like white, gray, and also beige. The color will match if combined with any color including bright. Or maybe if you want the house to have its own characteristics, you can also use other colors. Like the color Pink, orange, or yellow that can describe a happy person. Or it could also choose the color purple, Tosca, and orange so that the house looks elegant and elegant.

The combination of exterior wall painting color combinations such as red, brown and orange requires the courage to blend because it is still rarely used in the tropics. But this combination of exterior colors can provide a cheerful and bold atmosphere in the exterior of the house. The combination of soft orange, black and creamy colors and bright orange colors combined with the cool black will give the house a cool and firm impression.