Impressive Nautical Throw Pillows

Imagine if your bedroom has a view overlooking the beach? While resting will certainly feel more relaxed and soothing. Without having to buy a villa or rent a lodge that is on the beach, it turns out you can also design a bedroom or room with shades of the beach. This beach theme is often known as nautical. Selection of dominant blue and white colors, with some typical beach and ocean equipment characteristic of this design. And for the nautical concept to feel more natural in your room, see some nautical throw pillows that can bring the feel of the beach following.

Selection of shades such as rocks, shells, and foliage motifs you can apply on pillowcases or bolsters in your sleeping room. Make the bedroom more colorful by choosing a color that gives the impression cheerful so that your bedroom more elegant impression. Use nautical throw pillows with striped motifs is one of the hallmarks of nautical design. Do not hesitate to apply this style on the walls of accents, or small furniture such as leather sofa and pillowcases.

Decor Interior With Impressive Nautical Throw Pillows

Accessories in the form of miniature boats strengthen the accent of nautical concept room space, as well as the navy blue in the carpet and wood elements almost on all the furniture and the room as well as the roof of the room as if like being in a ship. Use bedding fixtures such as bed sheets, duvet cover, pillows or blankets with a typical pattern of beach or sea. You can also use sleeping lamps with nautical design.

In addition to the selection of colors and materials nuanced sea, the use of white bed nets are hanging on the bed can also add a nautical impression in the bedroom. Nautical throw pillows give a romantic feel to your bed. In addition to the color selection and cover material of the nautical pillow, white mosquito net hanging on the bed can also add a nautical impression in the bedroom. This simple decoration at the same time gives a romantic feel on your bed.