Quirky Furniture For Modern House Bungalow Design

Along with the development of styles in the world of decoration and architecture, it also developed a variety of modern house bungalow design that comes lately. This luxury house model is generally rented in the tourist or rural areas, with a luxurious style, beautiful and has a fairly wide dimensions. In addition, generally this model house also has an outdoor garage and a green park expanse that can be used as a means for relaxation. With reference to the characteristics of a bungalow building, then this time we will discuss some modern architecture bungalow house design, so in this discussion you can also directly choose the bungalow model you like, if you are planning to make it on your land Have.

Interior coloring in the dominance of white color keihatan very suitable with natural color of natural elements in each room of the bungalow. Except on furniture that is covered with white leather. The use of a high enough ceiling and the wide location of wide glass windows on several sides. This bungalow is perfect to be used as a vacation with friends and family, because a variety of indoor and outdoor activities can be done in all areas of this house.

Beautify Modern House Bungalow Design

Modern house bungalow design will look solid with the material of concrete and natural rocks that dominate. Not only that, through the combination of white and natural material, also greatly strengthen the comfort in the bungalow. For relaxation needs, residents can enjoy the spacious greenery surrounding the bungalows through the beautiful landscape of the house, the trees and the grasses that are soothing.

The modern bungalow architecture as in the following pictures has an open space design in the front area. Such as a living room and a fused family room, as well as a front porch combined with several supporting facilities such as a garden, swimming pool and an area for homeowners’ vehicles. Luxurious design supported by 2-story structure gives the impression of luxury on every design of this bungalow.

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