Quirky Decoration Of Modern Minimalist Exterior Design

In addition to how to choose the right furniture, the arrangement is good, it turns out the selection of paint colors for the right exterior also needs to be considered, such as arrangement of patio furniture, garage, and also additional canopy, and deck on the second floor. You can also combine white with exposed bricks, or other natural stone accents, blend white with other neutral colors like gray and beige, or even blend the dominant white color with a slight accent of striking colors on some modern minimalist exterior furniture design.

You can also use double windows that are commonly used and applied to ancient buildings. The duplex window is an inner window composed of inner glass openings. While the exterior consists of skylight that can be opened to the outside. The dual window has a function as both air circulation and lighting. When you need light, jalousie can be opened and light can go straight through the glass. Cool air can be obtained by opening a layer of glass.

Choose Best Paint For Modern Minimalist Exterior Design

Frame for doors and windows in modern minimalist exterior design you can uniform using a black frame. Color selection like this favored most young couples or families who just bought a house, because it shows your home facade so it looks more fresh and different from the houses around you. You can also combine neutral colors like white, beige, or gray with a few striking colors like yellow, Tosca, or lime green.

In addition to making the house look beautiful, plants are able to provide cool atmosphere in modern minimalist exterior design. Even the presence of trees on the home page can also provide a similar atmosphere. Do not forget to pay attention to the surrounding conditions and clean the trees and plants regularly, so as not to disrupt the natural lighting that can enter the house.

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