Modern House Plans With A Loft Ideas

Before turning the attic into additional space for the family, the first thing to note is the height of the roof of your house. Make sure that the ceiling height on the roof of the attic has a roof slope limit of about 50%, or is at size 84. This is the standard size when you are standing in the attic before building a house plans with a loft. the roof of the house is not too narrow Minimal height of the roof for adults is able to stand comfortably and safe for children and other family members. In the roof of the attic, usually have a narrow ceiling to make the distance step on the floor to be short.

Also determine the maximum ceiling height of the attic room because it affects the function to be used. Because it is directly under the roof, this attic tends to heat during the day. In order to reduce the heat temperature in the room, you can work around this with maximum air ventilation. Arrange air circulation with natural or artificial windows, such as vent, exhaust fan, window, or air conditioner.

House Plans With A Loft Tiny Ideas

You can also add insulation such as aluminum foil, glass wool, to reduce heat absorption. If it is still hot, please install air conditioner / air conditioner. For those of you who often bring office work home and do not have a special workspace, there is no harm in trying the idea of using the attic into a mini workspace. The advantage of the idea of using the attic makes the workspace is a quiet atmosphere suitable to increase focus and concentration in work, remembering when working we need tranquility.

You can place a small table with a computer set and one work chair. Create one big window so that you can occasionally look outside when tired after work. Add bright lights to make you comfortable to work. table lamps are bright enough and standard for reading and working should you take note.

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