Minimalist Old Farmhouse Chair

Although the farmhouse displays a typical rural atmosphere, but this concept can also be applied to you who live in urban areas. So, how to apply this farmhouse style in the house? Some of the following ways can help get a warm and romantic house design. to create a farmhouse feel, you can choose an old farmhouse chair with one color only (not combine it with contrasting colors). The color of wood or ground tone can be the choice.

In addition to featuring the old farmhouse chair, you can install a minimalist wooden house fence with vertical or horizontal models. The wooden fence will add a country feel around your residence. Then, you can maintain other minimalist elements, such as giving an old wooden chair in one of the living room or family room even you can arrange this wooden chair on the terrace to accompany you and also guests who enjoy warm tea.

Decor Interior With Minimalist Old Farmhouse Chair

The warm color element is the key to this design style. The use of wood materials with a combination of other slightly modern furniture is the right way. For chairs, you can use materials made of soft fabrics with a neutral color. As a sweetener, the use of elements of wood and green plants can also you present in the room. Design Farmhouse comes with furniture that features natural elements. However, the use of old farmhouse chair can also be done smoothing or additional paint.

So even with the cutting of the use of furniture farmhouse, thus providing a more presentable. use of rugged old farmhouse chair without smoothing or paint. In addition, rustic furniture is also deliberately made to show sides and pieces that are not tidy. If the farmhouse is furnished with modern furniture, rustic comes with a vintage old-school impression. old farmhouse chair became the mainstay of rustic style in the design and decoration of old farmhouse house.

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