Luxury Staircases Design

Stairs are a means of connecting the roof of a multi-story house. Ladder is very important for those who have a terraced house. The current staircases design is very diverse. Generally household stairs are designed in accordance with the concept of the house so that the beauty of the stairs and space of the house to be very beautiful. Choosing the right interior ladder also adds to the beautiful interior of your luxury home, especially if you choose a luxury ladder is also interesting. For the types of stairscases you can see below.

For the material of manufacture, luxury staircases design made of steel, wood, stainless and glass. Sometimes you see a straight, helical and spiral staircase. The ladder can also be straight, the letter L, the letter U, rotate or is from the combination. Components of luxury staircases design include high-stakes (riser), width of the tread, landing, nosing, handrail and safety (balustrade).

Decor Luxury Staircases Design

Ladder circular model is one form of staircases design ideas that are quite widely used in luxury homes. This ladder is chosen because it can give the impression of luxury in the interior of the house. With the combined shape and railing materials used will further add to the luxurious impression of the ladder. If told to choose, surely you will choose a circular ladder from the ladder with a standard form like the shape of L or U because it will give a different impression on the first look.

Luxury staircases design made to fly with the required structure must be strong because it only rests on the bottom and the top only, it will cause the cost structure can increase. But there are drawbacks, namely the railing is used, because the shape is twisted then the railing will be much more expensive than the railing with straight form. You can also provide wood that you can use as a ladder coating. You can specify wood colors and textures that you can choose from. The use of wood on the staircases can give a warm impression .

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