Luxury London Concrete House

Each of you would want a nice house so you can rest comfortably at home. Many themes commonly used to create a beautiful home, ranging from elegant, minimalist, to the impressed luxury. Of all these themes, you should try the London concrete house that is becoming a trend and can make your home look more stylish. This theme also inspires the world of decoration with its bright colors. Applying cement and wood to your home will produce a comfortable and fresh feel. You can also combine with great natural furniture in your London home

After that the thing needed is lighting. You can add a large chandelier in the main part of the house, in addition you can provide lighting using the lantern in the corner of the room, as well as decorative candles as a sweetener on the table. Place some classic chairs and tables complete with tea cups in your room. Add lights and tea cups on the table to add a glamorous impression. After that, place some fuchsia pillows and feminine curtains.

Decor Luxury London Concrete House

For the dining room, you can put a big wall clock then do not forget to design a checkered floor that is perfect for display wonderland seen with large seats are gorgeous. Lastly, London concrete house is incomplete without a mirror, make sure you have a mirrored closet and place it at the right corner of the house. Add a touch of white flowers to align your room. A white space should be sterile from bright colors and excessive furniture, you can get rid of unnecessary decorations.

If you are confused about how to place these unique vintage items, you can make them unique and classic furniture. An antique chandelier can make a perfect attraction. Old equipment can be transformed into antique furniture to create a classic impression on your home. By adding an old mirror, the London concrete house can be enjoyed comfortably.

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