Luxury Kitchens Modern Design Shelves

shelves for the kitchen is a practical element that dominates the aesthetics and design of the room. Whether the model is closed, open, with a hidden door or shelf, there are many ways to make the shelf become more than just a storage area. Give classic design and functional bookshelves to your kitchen. kitchens modern design shelves this, will be able to maximize the available space. You can create a floor-to-ceiling vertical composition, or just cover the area of the kitchen wall. Whether as decoration or storage, this shelf suits your kitchen style.

Currently many kitchens modern design shelves made of wood combined with glass material so it looks sturdy but still beautiful and elegant. Rack wood is also designed in built with kitchen set. For this type of wooden shelf built in this kitchen space required a large enough, but the actual use of this type of shelf can help save space in the kitchen.

Choose Best Luxury Kitchens Modern Design Shelves

Shelves made of glass has a luxurious and classy impression. Glass shelves have a variety of models, some use clear glass materials and some use a thicker and textured doff glass. Shelves that use a thick and textured type of glass are usually priced more expensive than ordinary glass racks. But the price is quite expensive is proportional to the strength of the glass is thicker and stronger.

kitchens modern design shelves that are given a pastel green color will be really awesome. Gives coolness to the kitchen space. The combination of this color with wood material that has sharper colors and very harmonious. Giving contrast to the room. Providing a bright brown color can make the room brighter. The blend with white also keeps the room alive. Gives softness in space because of these two soft colors.

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