Luxury Italy Modern Floor

Ceramic granite with abstract motif is suitable to be worn on Italy modern floor. Combined with Italian style furniture will also be very precise. Because it is basically abstract motive is unique and elegant. It’s good you choose the colors – the impression neutral with the room or you can adjust the color of the walls of your home room. The impression is very unique. You who have home design with italian style can choose granite floor with this cross motif because it will be very precise. A monochrome theme for a more traditional impression can also be an option.

Floral motifs or natural motifs that create a romantic impression are the main ideas of granite ceramics with elegant motifs. White or beige color or maybe peach color will be very suitable to be your choice. Granite is another material that is also often used in addition to ceramics. Most granites are used in certain places only at home. Ceramics have the advantage of inexpensive enough easy to clean and durable.

Decor Luxury Italy Modern Floor

The granite floor of the house is also there to use it because the granite strength exceeds the ceramics in addition to more scratch resistance and more stains and patterns. It’s just that granite is definitely more expensive than ceramics. The black color on the ceramic makes the atmosphere of Italian style house that look more elegant. Only with the combination of black and white on the ceramic, your once-ordinary room can usually change for the better.

Your room will look more traditional with ceramic design as in the following picture. Although there is no motive on the ceramics, but the color of this wood can represent the beauty of your room very well. Patterns or textures such as dance from ceramics are also varied and customizable. Italy modern floor model adapted to its function as an example ceramic for floor will be different with ceramic for wall.

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