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Caring for home plants should, need a sense of affection. That is, you also have to pay attention to the condition of the plant so as not to die of disease or pest infestation. If your plant is exposed to plant pests or diseases, you should reduce the use of chemicals, or even none at all. Low maintenance backyard design ways to overcome fungus attached to the plant can use spices such as ginger, chili, garlic skin, red bottom, which was made into an extract. Then, soak for 1 night, then sprayed.

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If you want to do low maintenance design backyard, then present the types - plants that are easily treated, ie local plants or native plants. Local plants are plants that grow a lot in the area where you live because the conditions that fit for the plant can grow well. We recommend planting plants that do not grow too quickly. In addition, give a tree or plant that is resistant to disease and pests, and resistant in certain weather conditions. Also, it needs to be seen whether in the garden in your house there is shade or not.

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Shade is important to suppress the growth rate of plants, because plants exposed to direct sunlight will grow faster than plants under shade. Thus, you do not need to take care in a fast period of time. Low maintenance design backyard, it is advisable to choose evergreen plants or plants that are always green in every season, without aborting the leaves.

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To facilitate you in low maintenance design backyard, there is no harm in planting each plant in pots. By planting plants in pots, plant growth will be more manageable. Then, put these potted plants into one in the area that you will make the garden. We recommend that you put the pots of this plant under a tree that is shady enough to keep it from direct sunlight.

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