Impressive Narrow Fireplace

Have a house with a small room size or narrow? Confused also how to set the design and decorations suitable for space limited to your house? Let’s look at some of the ideas narrow fireplace for the design of a house that has the following minimalist room that we serve to overcome the design of a minimalist narrow house: White paint on the wall and blend black paint on the window and door frames with the addition of fireplace decorations and knick-knacks seats and sofa add warm impression and also more exotic.

Fireplaces create a feeling of relaxation accompanied by strong elements like fire will shine out, created with creativity and skill from talented designers and producers. If you want to have a small, cozy living room or bedroom with a romantic fireplace, you know it’s important to enjoy a quiet night or a warm evening with family and friends. you can add a mirror next to the fireplace. the existence of this mirror will make the illusion of the room becomes more spacious, although there is a fireplace in your small room.

Decor Interior With Impressive Narrow Fireplace

Move the fireplace in the corner of the room. It does not take up much space. The use of materials that mimic the marble, and a strict design approach to the classic style of the room. Marble materials and additional decorations in the form of a bronze coating allow to fit into the narrow living room interior in Baroque style.

to save space you can install a fireplace with electricity or gas. The selection of fireplaces of this type will minimize the use of the room. most wood fireplace sizes fill the room enough. with the selection of fireplaces with electricity, then your narrow space does not seem full because a lot of modern fireplace models are simple and also looks more modern.

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