Impressive Modern Tropical House

Ideas Simple Modern Tropical House With Wooden Pole Can Add The Elegant Touch With Cool Landscape Design Ideas It Also Has White Roof That Make It Seems Nice Impressive Modern Tropical House

Modern tropical house is very suitable to be applied in any area. The idea of a modern tropical-style house is characterized by a residential model having a wide hall or a wide enough terrace, a sloping roof model, and adequate openings in each room in order to obtain good sunlight and air circulation. Some tropical-style homes are more favored because of the high house concept and can be applied to modern and luxurious homes. The exterior mostly use the garden so it looks more fresh.

Ideas Simple Modern Tropical House With Wooden Seat And White Cushion It Also Has Wooden Floor With Simple Table It Also Has Small Cushion Make It Seems Great Impressive Modern Tropical House
Ideas Small Lamp On The Ceiling Of Modern Tropical House Can Be Combined With Brown Sofas On The Cream Ceramics Floor It Also Has Green Garden Arround Impressive Modern Tropical House

Modern tropical house roof is intentionally made high with wide eaves, in anticipation to minimize sunlight and the entry of rain water. Tropical houses have terraces and are modeled on stilts for air to flow freely. The uniqueness of this house is the selection of materials that use from the natural surroundings, such as wood, bamboo, and rattan. Natural materials are usually used on walls or roof coverings. The materials are considered capable of controlling the heat in the room, so that during the day was cool and at night was warm.

Ideas Tidy Design Of Modern Tropical House With Warm Lamp On The Wooden Ceiling Inside Room With Small Windows It Also Has Some Stone Arround House With White Concrete Floor Impressive Modern Tropical House

Furniture For Interior Impressive Modern Tropical House

The use of natural stone as well as typical of modern tropical houses. Usually applied on one wall of your house. To give the impression of broad and calm, use a soft neutral color paint, such as white bones and bright blue. Dark brown will look fresh if combined with a brighter color, like the color of coral and gray, as an accent on one wall. You can also use the tropical patterned wallpaper.

Ideas Affordable Modern Tropical House With Glasses Door With Wooden Floor It Also Has Large Garden That Can Add The Natural Touch Of The House With Wooden Balcony Impressive Modern Tropical HouseIdeas Black And Brown Stairs Inside Modern Tropical House Can Be Decor With Grey Sofas And Grey Rug On The White Off Ceramics Floor It Also Has Wooden Dining Table Impressive Modern Tropical House

Place the window placement in the morning sun and avoid the afternoon sun. Compose the building accents in geometric shapes that are aligned with little ornaments. If you want to add ornaments, give accent vertical or horizontal lines (facade). Design the spatial arrangement according to the needs and customs of the residents. That way, will be generated space is very functional.

Ideas Brown Wall Of Modern Tropical House Can Be Combined With Wooden Door It Also Has Warm Wall Lamp With Small Garden And Wooden Fence In Front Impressive Modern Tropical House