Impressive Mediterranean Cottage Styles

Houses that apply Mediterranean style design look more elegant, luxurious and classic. There are several elements that can distinguish the Mediterranean cottage styles with other dwellings, one of the hallmark of Mediterranean-style house is the presence of tall pillars of a sturdy and has a size of a fairly large building. In addition, the other distinguishing element is the form of a circular roof on one part, while the roof for other roof triangle-shaped or saddle.

For the exterior wall of the Mediterranean cottage styles are generally coated with natural rocks and marble, the presence of both materials make the house seem luxurious and elegant. Design house that adapted to the climate of the area, the selection of colorful decorations also look unique in harmony with the natural surroundings. There are many types of Mediterranean-style architecture, Greek, Italian, and Spanish, and they have their own uniqueness that makes them slightly different from each other,

Interior Impressive Mediterranean Cottage Styles

Of the many designs of Mediterranean cottage styles have in common where the colors that are highlighted in the design of the house to adopt the natural color. So what kind of design house Mediterranean style? Following some typical characters found in Mediterranean cottage styles. Decorative elements as well as the color of the soil that is applied to the walls of the house become one of the hallmark of Mediterranean building design.

Indeed, most Mediterranean cottage styles tend to use terracotta colors or other natural colors like the classic European house. The thickness and density of the painting process is generally not the same as the minimalist house or other houses in general. Uniquely, Mediterranean cottage styles can also be applied to any home size.

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