Impressive Gothic Purple Bedroom

Do you like to express in darkness and mystery? Do you have a mystical and dramatic taste? If so, then the Gothic bedroom interior design is right for you. Learn how a Gothic Interior scheme is ideal for anyone who wants to know the true meaning in the dramatic dark side of life. Dark purple is one of Gothic interior designed colors. But you can also look for other colors like dark green, violet and blue. You can also get a beautiful accent by mixing black with pink, it will look very dramatic, and actually feels very sexy.

The color selection of purple is very important, to get the gothic purple bedroom. Purple, red, green or violet velvet curtains can be combined with table furniture, dressers, purple couches and cushions and bedding as the mosquito nets will look dramatic. Give an accent that emphasizes a scary impression, such as a photo memory, historic objects or old school, wood accents, and dim lighting.

Furniture For Impressive Gothic Purple Bedroom

Gothic purple bedroom furniture is dominated by classical forms with silver-engraved carvings and dark purple. Then you can choose a lamp with a dark purple hood with black body lights and added with a purple curtain. To sweeten the look of the gothic in the bedroom you can slip a room accessory with frames containing your photo with a black frame with a purple accent as a wall decorator.

Although these two colors are equally strong character, this two-color combination is the most appropriate because the black color can make the purple statue on the furniture look striking while the color purple makes the black color more dazzling and elegant look. Thus this blend can be called as the two most harmonious blend of colors to make your bedroom nuanced gothic without having to apply Victorian gothic style in your bedroom.

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