Impressive Glass And Cement House

In construction, cement is a composite building material made from a combination of aggregates and cement binders. The most common form of concrete houses is Portland cement concrete, which consists of mineral aggregates (usually gravel and sand), cement and water. It is usually believed that concrete dries after mixing and laying. Actually, the concrete material does not become solid because the water evaporates, but the cement hydrates, glues the other components together and ends up forming a stone-like material.

Blend of cement and glass is very used by some modern buildings. The appearance resulting from the combination of these two materials can make the building look sturdy and also charming. Glass material gives the impression of a transparent and gives the impression widely in every room in the house.

Decor Interior Impressive Glass And Cement House

Glass and cement house is on the rise does have a lot of charm. The following house for example, the architecture of the building made with the composition of cement material and transparent glass. The result is amazing! The natural light from the free sun into the house, meeting the white color in the interior looks increasingly enlightening the room. Its exterior of concrete cement makes the home look more solid and tough. The addition of steel material is also increasingly making the house look dazzling.

Along with the increasing production and technology of glass materials, the use of glass and cement house as a home construction materials also increased from year to year. We used to wear glass at home for windows or doors. But now glass is part of the exterior and interior design of the house. Concrete walls and glass can make the house look more spacious than the original. The green and beautiful green courtyard can be seen from inside the house which causes the atmosphere to be more natural and cool.

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