Impressive Environment Design Plan

A clean environment is everyone’s dream. But not easy to create our environment can look clean and tidy so comfortable to look at. Not infrequently because of busyness and various other reasons, we pay less attention to environmental hygiene issues around us, especially the home environment. As the level of community thinking and technological advancement in all areas of life increases, the level of awareness to have a clean environment should be improved from before. Various information about the environmental design plan, we will present the following for you.

Of course the home environment in a clean and healthy conditions will make the occupants comfortable and well maintained body health. The reason certainly leads to the diversity of human life activities in meeting the needs of his life. Ensuring adequate ceiling height can also help make a cool house without ac. Ideally, the minimum ceiling height is 3 m. The reason is the high ceiling, the warming of hot air on the roof will not feel at the bottom, the place where we do the activity.

Furniture For Environment Design Plan

If possible, add a pool around the house. This is because water vapor in modern ponds can cool the surrounding temperature, so air passing through the pool will have lower temperatures. besides the tree can also reduce the air temperature. So make sure the environment around our house have lots of shade trees. With the environment design plan, the air will move into homes that have more cold air.

usually every home will create an environment design plan with the creation of the park, the existence of this park will provide additional oxygen that can enter into the house. besides giving the flower plants, adding the grass will make the atmosphere green and fresh. in the middle of the park can be given a fountain as the center of attention of guests or people who come to your home.

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