Impressive Easy And Cheap Landscaping Ideas

The garden is an exterior decoration that is often done by most people to beautify the exterior. If you have an area that is still empty, easy tips and cheap landscaping ideas below can be a fresh idea and easy to realize so as not to burden you in terms of energy, time and cost. First, if most of your remaining land is empty land, you can plant grass. With the grass that covers the ground, a little cost you remove but the exterior of the house already looks clean and green.

If you have a used tin or used bucket, you can fill the can with soil and fertilizer, then ask the flower plants to your neighbors and you can plant them in the front of your house. This idea is very cheap and simple, but it takes some time for the plants you plant to produce flowers to give the color of your home garden. To make it more different, provide an area for the path using a pebble or cement.

Decor Impressive Easy And Cheap Landscaping Ideas

As an additional element, use light colors or neutral colors on the walls or fences to make the park seem more spacious. Neutral colors are also always good for garden background. But be careful, too many combinations of colors can sometimes become stuffy. Use only garden furniture that you really need eg plastic chairs or pieces of wooden stems and roots. And set the placement so as not to disrupt the circulation of people in the park.

Provide good lighting in your home garden area. Lighting can provide a completely different atmosphere in the garden when the night. Not just one, even some. Play with light placement, light color, or grouping lights. Easy and cheap landscaping the next idea is to make pond or fountain as the focal point of your home garden. You can make a small fish pond and give a fountain in the middle of the pond.

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