How To Sew Simple Curtains

Ideas Contemporary Sew Simple Curtains On The Small Windows It Also Has Big Bed With Some Small Pillows It Also Has Some Small Wallpaper Make It Seems Great How To Sew Simple Curtains

Curtains are a window decoration on the house. If previously you already know how to make windows and what are the functions of ventilation for health and residents, will be more complete if you know tips how to sew simple curtains. First, you can choose the model of hanging curtains or curtains that fall to the floor. Then measure the width of the window because it also determines how much fabric is needed. At least the curtains should be twice the width of the size of your window to look solid when hung and able to cover the window perfectly.

Ideas Cream Sew Simple Curtains Applied On The Wide Glasses Windos With Brown Cabinet On The Motifs Rug It Also Has Wallpaper On The Brown Wall Inside Room How To Sew Simple Curtains
Ideas Impressive Black Sew Simple Curtains Applied On The Minimalist Windows It Also Has Cream Rug With Wooden Coffee Table It Also Has White Cabinet Inside Room How To Sew Simple Curtains

Choose the fabric that suits your liking. There are various types of fabrics available on the market. Starting from thick to thin or made from stiff to flexible. Motif curtains can also be customized to your taste, either floral motifs, lines or images of animals. If the wall of the house using wallpaper make sure the curtain motifs in harmony with wallpaper motifs at home. In addition, do not use too many motifs that appear from the curtains and wallpaper wall because it makes the room look crowded and narrow

Ideas Monochrome Sew Simple Curtains With Motifs Bed On The Cream Rug On The Wooden Floor It Also Has Black Cabinet With Small Mirror And White Ceiling How To Sew Simple Curtains

How To Sew Best Simple Curtains

Prepare the necessary equipment such as scissors, meter gauges, pencils, tape and iron. How to sew simple curtains, as long as you need to divide the fabric into two equal parts. Then fold about 3 centimeters across the sides of the fabric. Then iron the entire fold. Before folded, you should place the tape on all sides to be ironed. After ironing all sides neatly, Give a useful clip ring as a hanger.

Ideas Peach Sew Simple Curtains On The Small Windows It Also Has Wooden Bed Frame On The White Floor It Also Has Red Motifs Rug With Small Mirror That Make It Seems Nice How To Sew Simple CurtainsIdeas Small Wallpaper On The Cream Wall Inside Living Room With White Sew Simple Curtains It Also Has Black Coffee Table On The White Rug It Also Has Small Cushion How To Sew Simple Curtains

Summary how to sew simple curtains that is easy, cut the fabric according to the required size. Fold and glue the tip of the cloth, then iron it until it sticks perfectly. Fold the top of the fabric, then glue it with double-sided tape. Adjust the smoke ring ribbon with the width of the cloth, then mark the hole with a pencil. Cut the circle, and stick the smoke ring. With this easy step, you've gotten a new home curtain

Ideas Stone Wall Interior Dining Room With Sew Simple Curtains Combined With Glasses Dining Table With White Seat And Grey Rug On The Cream Floor Inside Room Design Ideas How To Sew Simple Curtains