How To Design A Round Throw Pillow

How to design a round throw pillow for the most comfortable sofa cushion for beginners who are just learning sewing. Besides, for friends who like to decorate the house, surely, pillowcase so the easiest choice. Like the tutorials in this article. We will share tips for how to make it, usually pillowcases in plain make. How to design a round throw pillow will show and of course there will be a lot of photographs as well as information for his step-step. For my friends who want to learn to make a pillowcase, this pillowcase cushion can be made a project stitch ideas. Or for example there is cloth remnants, can also be made in this sarong.

This time I share tips how to design a round throw pillow is cool. Have you ever made a brooch from a patchwork? The method used the same, only in larger size of course. If you’ve ever made a picture of how to make it. For those who have not, let’s study together. But prepare first the tool and the material: Cotton let soft and absorb sweat or other fabric, Needle and sewing thread, Carton for pattern, Pen or pencil, Scissors, Dacron / Silicone / kapok for contents

Decor Interior With Round Throw Pillow

Create patterns using cartons according to taste, Trappe pattern on cloth, then scissors with a few cm left to facilitate in sewing, Sew cloth from the inside. Fill with prepared Dacron, Combine several crowns to form flowers with straight or bleached stitches. Fill a plain cloth round shape to make a pistil, then sew in the center of the crown. Flower pillow ready to use. Can to accompany children’s bed or to cushion the living room sofa. This is another form of interest for inspiration.

So the idea how to design a round throw pillow you can do at home. If you can make it with your own creations and that’s nicer than you buy at the store, why do not you do it? Because the results of your work will be the satisfaction itself if it can produce a good work.

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