House Rules Design Laundry Decor

If at home you do not have a laundry room, maybe your house is a bit messy, if you have a toddler or children, and you do not have a nanny to help you handle all the things in your home. Your house can be like a crash boat! You can find clothes everywhere, on chairs, floors or cabinets. To avoid this mess, you can create a house rules design laundry. you can Clean the inside of the cabinet. Do this before putting back your clothes. Suck or broom the dust that sticks and clean the walls with a cleanser.

Get rid of the cobwebs in the closet. Make changes by painting the inside and outside of cabinets with different colors or add and remove some unused cabinet racks. The color of the room and the equipment in it can affect a person’s view of the room itself. To create the impression of a quiet room, you can use neutral colors like light blue, light brown, white, or gray. These colors are suitable for use in small rooms that do not have many places to store goods.

Fantastic House Rules Design Laundry Decor

For the rectangular-shaped laundry room, arranging the furniture following the shape of the letter L is very fitting to maximize the function of a small room. On the shorter side, you can put the washing machine and shelf, while on the other side, you can put a closet, dirty clothes basket, and ironing. there is nothing wrong you also add a fan, television or radio in the laundry room.

Alternatively, you can use the shelves attached to the wall instead of the closet. You can also use an ironing board and folding chair that can be placed in the corner of the room when it is not needed. If there is no room to store the washing machine, then use a closet without a cover and use a curtain to close it.

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