Great Design No Maintenance Garden Ideas

The presence of a natural impression of a garden or fresh flowers at home without troublesome care is very likely to be obtained. If careful, a beautiful garden you can have. Garden with a small area will be more easily treated and provide no maintenance garden. As for location, choose a location in your home that gets enough sun element, but not necessarily get direct sun access.

The type of plant that needs trimming will certainly require regular maintenance to keep it beautiful to look at. The type of plant is usually a plant that is used as a natural barrier, vertical garden in the home garden. Procurement of grass to meet the open area is also the right choice for the park does not need to be treated intensively. Watering plants is enough done naturally by rain water. For maximum view of the grass, simply trim with the engine periodically, and also fertilization every 3 months.

Furniture For No Maintenance Garden Ideas

Combine hard elements such as coral rocks, wood, and stepping stone in a park that is almost no maintenance garden. Gravel or rock can be applied by laying rocks randomly between plants, arranged neatly following the flow of the plant, making the flow of rocks in the garden area, and can also be combined with stepping stone arrangement. But the use of pebbles and stones should avoid a moist area, because it can cause the growth of moss.

No matter garden maintenance can use a combination of paving blocks and grass plants, or often called grass block. It is intended that rainwater can be directly absorbed into the pores of grass-covered soil, but the surface will not be slippery because of the rough block material. In addition, the game floor design can also be tricked with game material color, and also the arrangement of paving patterns.

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