Glamour Modern 2 Story Home Front

Maybe you see a lot of modern luxury two-storey house, with wide size and classy furniture and its beauty will be enjoyed by many people. However, for those of you who have a narrow house and can not even have the type of luxury homes, do not be discouraged. You can still create a simple two-storey house and designed with a captivating look that looks modern and elegant. this time we take the modern theme 2 story home front but has a space that looks spacious and spacious with good air circulation and maximum lighting,

front-facing house coupled with a mini garden and a terrace with a blend of wooden placemats that give the feel of freshness for your beautiful home. design house that carries two bedrooms; the main room and child room, with an interior design to suit your taste. then you can make reference is the design of the house that has a beautiful garden collection and wide enough on the front that is arranged on the side of your house as shown in the example image below.

Furniture For Glamour Modern 2 Story Home Front

built homes that pay attention to exterior conditions. It is interesting that there are windows that adorn the rooms directly connected to the garden so as to offer a view of the garden in the morning is so beautiful and fresh. a terrace with shades of green displayed by the presence of flower pots with beautiful plants can provide a sweet touch for your home dwelling.

In order for your modern 2 story home front to get the maximum you have to use the right paint color. Proper paint colors for homes with simple designs natural colors. One special touch you can do is to provide a fish pond with a cool size and shape on the front of your house. With the pool then makes your home will look more comfortable and also more alive.

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