Funky Furniture Kid Room Designs Boys

Usually boys like masculine colors like blue, gray, black and so forth. Boys also usually like cartoon themes with car, robot, superhero and monster concept. Therefore, it would be nice if the arrangement of kid room designs your boys concept so. You can choose the design of the bed according to your child’s favorite character for example with a bed with a car shape. This can spur the imagination of a child who might aspire to become a car racer.

Kid room designs boys in general also not too much different with the design of the bedroom girls in terms of furniture or furniture that is in it. It’s just that the difference is the model and style of the selected color. Kid room designs boys generally do not need as much furniture as girls’ room. Both are different, but each has a characteristic that should be seriously pursued. Boys generally have an active nature, so giving roomy space is the main thing that must be considered by parents.

Modify Kid Room Designs Boys

Room with a cheerful and bright atmosphere is also one of the supporting factors for the owner of the room feel at home in the room. A cheerful room can be created by giving a cheerful color to the child’s room. This cheerful color also needs to be adjusted to the theme used. Because by adjusting the theme of the room, will unite between the cheerfulness and the theme used. The mix will make the room more beautiful. You can also give wallpaper on the wall of rooms that match the theme.

Choose a model and color pattern all the furniture in the room has the same theme. For boys usually prefer dark color, black color for example. Give the bedside rack. This shelf functions to put things like balls, toys and cars, because boys usually like that. Then put a big shelf beside the bed. In addition, to familiarize the boys can arrange the room neatly.

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