Cool Minimalist Loft Apartment Decor

The purpose of making this high roof is actually to make the air circulation more smoothly. However, you can also use it to add additional space by creating an attic. Before discussing more about the loft apartment decor, it is better if you first understand the sense of the attic. The building in the attic is usually only semi-permanent with the material supporting the floor of materials from wood, plywood, and multiplex. designing an apartment loft should consider your needs and beauty as well as your needs.

The ceiling painted in bright colors can give the illusion of a high and bright roof. For the attic wall, you can paint it with cool colors like green, blue, and pink. The use of chandelier also provides a calm and relaxed feel. Ventilation in the form of windows and skylights and ceiling fans are able to make this room more elegant and cool even when the weather outside is hot. Ideas Utilizing the loft apartment will give you an idea of creating a room in the loft that includes, good furniture placement, ceiling tilt decoration, and window size and position.

Furniture For Loft Apartment Decor

Take advantage of the loft of your apartment by creating an attic bedroom like this. With a wooden ceiling with a pattern of strips make look cool on the back of the floor using a carpet material with fine hair. At the top there is a permanent skylight that is made special, which can be made to enjoy the beauty of the sky at night ..

A private library you can place in your apartment attic, in addition to saving space on your home will also make the attic become more alive. The rooms are equipped with a very comfortable looking library and add to the knowledge with reading activities. provide a minimalist work desk and light enough light to help you work well.

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