Cool Mini House Designer

For those of you who have a narrow land, you can work around this by choosing a small house design. Not just a tiny house, but also a multifunctional. This mini house designer, despite being on a limited land, these houses still look cool. Cool designs in it will also make you chuckle in awe. Here’s an inspiration mini house designer who can be a fresh inspiration! The following little house is designed and nicely arranged, making this little house is not as a shortage, but the tricks and design used is an inspiration.

The concept of open space is a surefire way to maximize the existing space in mini house design. Without the bulkhead, the room will feel more comfortable and comfortable. The brilliant idea of mini house designer also continues in other areas. Architects make the house wall into a multifunctional area. The trick is to place a number of shelves on the wall so that the owner can display the goods collection.

Furniture For Cool Mini House Designer

To make it more comfortable, the second floor which becomes the main zone is made more elongated than the ground floor so that the shape of the house resembles L. Not far from outside the house looks unique. The concept of open space was initiated to allocate the family room and kitchen. That way, residents will not feel crowded. The idea of a genius mini house designer is also reflected from the placement of a secret sleeping room on the ground floor and a children’s playroom near the attic. That way, all the space needs for residents remain fulfilled.

You can use a uniform floor cover, choose a color for the wall in the adjacent room. You can combine the texture of space, color, style. Use light, bold colors, and even dark colors, which by definition narrow the space, so you are not afraid. After all done, will seem to have advantages that give depth and wealth, and the room as a result will not lose to get it all.

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