Cool Lamp Glass For Luxury House

During this time, many people who want to have a beautiful lamp that is different from existing lighting products. They are willing to spend large sums of money to buy a costly decorative desk lamp. Yet without having to spend a lot of money, we can get decorative lighting products that have a beautiful look and is guaranteed not to be found in our neighbor’s house next door. Select the correct lamp glass as per space. Functionally decorative lamps are divided into two: for indoor and outdoor space.

Each has a different specification which, among other things, is determined by its packaging materials such as metal, acrylic, glass, and a combination of steel with ice glass. Home lights can be made from any material. But, remember the lamps are tangent with electricity and heat. So make sure the material is safe and not flammable. Here is the choice of lamp glass in accordance with the function in each room according to our understanding

Choose Best Cool Lamp Glass For Luxury House

House lamps for outdoor spaces such as terraces, gardens, also require its own specifications. In addition to being designed to withstand extreme weather, decorative lamp houses for outer space should also be dustproof. This type of glass lamp is usually the IP standard above 44 to IP68. Light shields can be glass, aluminum, stainless steel and other synthetic materials. This glass lamp for example, has a series of interesting garden lighting. this glass lamp will illuminate some exterior corners of the house with a charming light.

Glass lights can also be given in the room you choose. you can put the lamp glass on the table room. with an intimate atmosphere, the presence of glass lights will give you a feel of harm in your room. if you will use a glass lamp in the living room, then you can hang in the middle of the room with a high enough position and difficult to reach by children. but to note that the strength of the hanger of this lamp should be strong enough.

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