Cool Interior Design Ideas Hallways

No doubt, every house is usually there is a hallway as an interconnecting access room. This hallway is usually forgotten from the touch of decoration of the room and usually left just like that. Then from that, we will give the idea of interior decoration design ideas hallways that you can apply in every hallway in your house. Pay attention and see the explanation and also some decoration image that we will present.

Interior design ideas hallways you can do that is, coloring hallway walls with bright colors like red, light blue, light green, white, and others. If you do not like bright colors, you can use white as the base, just coated with dark colors. Take advantage of a mirror on the wall in order to give the impression of a wider room. You can also put artwork in front of the mirror. Or if you want to compose a photo combined with a pattern on the wall, do not forget to provide some spotlight lights that are directed from above to add dramatic effects to the photo.

Furniture Cool Interior Design Ideas Hallways

If you use furniture, give it some what it takes just simple. Because the area is generally not large, single chair side table, or a small shelf to double the table is enough. Placement of furniture that can also be for various functions, can even be additional space in the house. Some interior design ideas hallways can be realized for the hallway at home and take advantage of the function hallway with the maximum! Can you provide a small bookshelf or storage can be added to the reading activity in the hall more enjoyable.

In order to impress the hallway bright use pastel colors on the area. Can also if you want to use wallpaper, but keep the wallpaper motif not too full. In addition, lighting should be enough, it would be better if you can take advantage of natural light in this area, so that positive energy from sunlight can be absorbed better. The combination of bright colors on the walls, mirrors and the right lighting can give the impression the room looks more spacious and artistic.

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