Cool Idea Grass Table Decoration

Synthetic grass or if you can say field grass can not only be used in the area outside, now if you want to get the freshness of green, you can also apply the idea of grass table decoration in the house. Appropriate and creative applications can certainly beautify your home. This grass can also be decorated with a unique decoration of various shapes desired. This decoration can be placed on the table or anywhere just as you put a display in general or even in medium to large size that can be placed in the corner of the room. idea grass table decoration can be round, rabbit and so on.

The existence of this grass will make our view fixed on something cool. most of them, decorating the table with flowers placed in a vase. but if you want something different, you can do this to make your table different from the usual table. the idea of decorating the table with the green grass on the bottom of the table, to be exact, the synthetic grass is like a carpet, and laid under the table. this decoration you can do on the living room table, family room and also the relaxing room.

Beautify Cool Idea Grass Table Decoration

consider some of the idea of grass table decoration, besides using artificial turf, you can also decorate the table using the original grass. but all you have to do is take care of the routine, because the grass also requires nutrients from the media used for life. you can provide a medium of foam that has moisture to live off the grass. besides being on the table, you can put this living grass in the table.

create a table like a pond that is given soil and also fertilizer, then put the grass to taste, make sure you choose grass that does not grow fast. then last, close the table with glass. your table has become cool and fresh. if you want a simple thing with decorating the grass, make a planting medium from a vase, then give the grass. then the grass will spread out of the vase and look very beautiful.

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