Cool House Design Thailand

The Thai architecture has links to Thailand’s cultural heritage that reflects the challenge of survival in extreme climates and reflects Thai society and religious beliefs. The architecture of Thailand’s design house also gained much influence from its neighboring countries, which has also added variety to its regional architecture in the form of traditional and religious buildings. Building house design Thailand, especially the buildings of old times, built with a construction that considers the existence of natural surroundings.

house design Thailand optimizes the existence of air circulation through windows and walls. Although true house design Thailand is very varied, depending on each region, in general, buildings in Thailand have the same 3 principles, namely elevated floor elevated floor, the roof is piled up and soar up, and the terrace is open and enough area located in the central part.

Furniture For Cool House Design Thailand

Although the house design Thailand is built using wood paneling that is easy to change, but rearranging the house is a taboo for the Thai people. In addition to the terrace, an open impression is also featured with the use of plenty of indoor ventilation. Ventilation is made to help cool the room, considering Thailand has hot enough weather with humidity which is also quite high. The amount of air ventilation makes the room cooler and the air circulation in the room becomes more fluent.

Roof house design model Thailand with a high roof shape and a steep height also reminds us of the architecture of the model house limas. Pitched roofs are made so that rain water can easily drop down so it does not stagnate on the roof that can be fatal. This roof model is very suitable to be applied to buildings in tropical countries with high rainfall like Thailand.

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