Cool Garden Design Ideas With Lawn And Patio Area

In a minimalist style house, the layout, exterior decoration is noticed. If this is correct then your garden will be very compatible with your minimalist home. There are landscapes that are commonly applied to the minimalist type of house including the front page corners, in the front area of the terrace, in addition to the area between the family room and dining room and backyard. Garden design ideas with lawn and patio areas have their respective functions, such as on the side usually to maximize air circulation with better oxygen. Admission is usually for houses with limited land.

The backside is usually to create a good relaxation effect and eliminate the monotonous nuances caused by the fence directly adjacent to the neighbors. In the front corner of the house deliberately placed garden design ideas with lawn and patio area. If you prefer plants with green grass, it should be placed in the middle and then group the plants and create a beautiful pattern as the boundary of your garden. Garden design ideas with lawn and patio area will give the impression of cool, comfortable and comfortable in your home area.

Decor Cool Garden Design Ideas With Lawn And Patio Area

With the terrace and lawn in the front garden of the house, the terrace and grass area can also serve as a home playground for your child. With such a simple playground, your child does not need to go outdoors to invite children to play and of course you do not need to do special surveillance. You can also add a seat to relax. The idea of garden design ideas with lawn and patio areas requires a slightly larger area of land and tends to be better for homes that are not right on the roadside.

If you want a colored garden house then place the flowering plants in the middle of the garden and cool with the grass. This terrace you can use to relax and receive guests or close friends, so the atmosphere will be more familiar and more comfortable with the park and the terrace is cool.

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