Arcitectural For Expensive Modern Houses

In building expensive modern houses, in order to avoid the word ordinary, it needs a design that can be a picture of the house to be built. Especially to build a luxury home. Certainly requires thinking, carefulness in to build not classified as a house that failed. The ground floor is a large open space, accommodating the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom in the inner area of the house, the patio, one behind the house and another in the long outdoor swimming pool area, which is located In the middle of a large yard.

The basic style of expensive modern houses architecture chosen for this building is contemporary, although it does not change the classical structure of classical Italian buildings, blended with a minimalist and modern concept. For example, on the second floor there is a terrace space surrounded by a glass fence, which dilutes the rigidity of this building. Basically, there are some elements that are used to build the body and atmosphere of this house. The first natural stone materials to represent the local tradition, the lighting obtained through the glass windows on the side of the house, and the last water to channel energy and also to overcome the problems in the summer.

Best Arrangements Of Arcitectural For Expensive Modern Houses

The idea to create a private swimming pool also adorn the expensive modern houses. The pool is designed to beautify the house and make the house look luxurious, it has become a trend of today. Therefore, the model of luxury homes equipped with a swimming pool is no stranger to the community. In the original luxury homes with a swimming pool indeed presents charming facilities.

The facilities of expensive modern houses are now beginning to vary such as, private library room, spacious living room, room with wide view from window, lounge to relax, spacious room, plus a charming and beautiful swimming pool. Large buildings with modern facade architecture are the hallmark of today’s luxury homes.

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