Architectural Furniture Front Garden Design Ideas

As a beautiful exterior decoration, you can add lighting lamps, waterfalls and also a chair on the garden so that although the size of a small garden can still look beautiful and beautiful. Add paths to the park either straight or twisted. To care front garden design ideas, do not forget to water the plants, especially during the summer, other than that also cut the branches and twigs that are too dense so the park can look neat. Use also compost or organic fertilizer so the plants can remain fertile but not kill the organisms in the vicinity.

From existing land, you can plant green grasses. In order to look more alive, you need to provide a garden accent, such as a walkway or gravel. Can also be given a small pond with fish. If your front garden area is a little wide, you can make it as a child’s playground by adding various kinds of toys, such as swings or surf boards. You can also make the park as a gathering place, such as building a gazebo, dining area, or other outdoor activities.

Beautify Front Garden Design Ideas

You can put rocks of times or some ceramic pieces on the path in the garden. In addition to gravel, stone can also be used to make it as a path. You can create a winding stream by using pebbles to invite others to explore the park area. This hard material will balance the plants that make it look more natural. Or you can add wooden or iron poles to buffer props.

Front garden design ideas hereinafter, you can make fish pond along with fountain, but if the land there is indeed very limited, just make small flow of water on the sidelines of the park. In addition to good for your plants, elements of this water will also make the park more lively atmosphere. Using grass for the path area can be one interesting alternative. You can use the japanese grass that is safe enough if stepped on without using shoes.

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