Adorable Motifs Glass Tile And Stone Backsplash

Backsplash is a layer of wall on the back of the stove in the kitchen, useful for the wall is not directly exposed to splashing water, oil, or food. Backsplash made along the kitchen wall, following the length of the kitchen set. Backsplash is wall attached and facing directly with kitchen table. Backsplash should use a good material, because this wall will definitely get stained when you cook. Get to know the material first, then decide which one is suitable for your kitchen.

There are many types of backsplash materials that can be selected such as glass tile and stone backsplash, but some of them contain a complicated process, so the price is more expensive. For example glass. Its slippery and easy-to-clean surface and clear or transparent appearance make glass present a modern impression on the kitchen set room. The use of glass can also impress the kitchen room set is narrow so feels more spacious. Make sure you choose tempered glass, so that if at any time broke, it will not endanger your safety.

Choose Best Glass Tile And Stone Backsplash

You can choose the type of glass mirror to add a broad impression, sandblast glass, or tinted glass to give a different feel. The use of glass material should be cleaned more often so that glass clarity is maintained. if you choose a natural stone as a backsplash will add a natural impression in the kitchen. Natural stone needs to be painted with special paint to look more beautiful shiny. Choose quality paint, which can protect from damage and prevent moss.

Marble and granite stones backsplash are often used as wall coatings. In addition to easy to clean this material creates an elegant and luxurious impression. Marble and granite are also very hard with a thickness of 2 / 3cm so durable and not easy broken. In addition to your wall can also be used for kitchen table material. Marble is perfect for displaying luxurious impression in the kitchen. The motive is very diverse, easy to clean, and very durable

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