Adorable Lavender And Gray Bedroom

The bedroom is a very private room. And every owner will usually reflect on his personality through a unique bedroom arrangement. This room is a place that not everyone can enter. If you want to refresh the atmosphere of the bedroom, one way that can be taken is to give a special color on the walls of your room like applying lavender and gray bedroom. After the paint is appropriate, stay solid match with the furniture and the arrangement of the right room. You will get a room that suits your personality.

Color that fits and suits you will make you feel at home and calm when in the room. Various inspirations as well as great ideas will easily arise when you feel at home in it. The bedrooms are shades of purple and gray which are very soothing. A gray room with a purple rug, a large bed in contrast to a lavender-colored cushion, a lavender-colored curtain and a bouquet of white tulips placed on a bedside table. A purple square wall picture adds to the tranquil atmosphere.

Accessories For Adorable Lavender And Gray Bedroom

This is a lavender and gray bedroom, the walls are painted with lavender shades, high ceiling and gray, the floors covered with dark carpet. Vintage-style furniture, consisting of soft, elegant chairs, white couches of the same style, a small bathroom table with a vase of flowers adorned with lavender tulips. Purple wallpapers add to the sweetness of the room.

The walls are painted with lavender color and the floor is made of wood using the color of the gray walls. A simple purple sofa and a leather armchair, very elegant. Making the room feel comfortable and quiet. For an elegant classic impression, use a more complex motif with gray, then add a touch of 1 or 2 other colors.

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